physical therapy for the work environment

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so often when I correct peoples posture – I address not only the way they sit or interact with their work environment – but moreover I end up correcting the work environment – in basic terms this results in me adjusting their chair – height, depth, angle, softness, curve – and then there is the desk height – a little less adjustable – and then there is the position of whatever is on the desk – and then it all depends on what they do at their desk – sometimes we have to make do with inefficient work methods – such as having paper and books to the side of the computer – or papers in front of the key board forcing the patient to constantly look down or to the side while they work – this is just a few of the issues that need to be addressed when looking at posture – there are biomechanical variables that are completely dependent on small adjustments that are made to our workspaces – and we need to be mindful of these- posture can not be corrected unless you take these factors into account – there is a lot on about how to sit up and stand, and how to use your core – all very pertinent – but not much out there on correcting the working environment to suit you – so let us correct and provide the physical therapy “also” for the desk chair computer and all those other accessories
Steven Barteck PT is the co-founder of Oshman & Barteck Physical Therapy, Licensed in NY the past 14 years. Their office is located in Midtown NYC where he provides physical therapy care.

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