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Do I need a prescription or referral for physical therapy in New York State?

First and foremost – it is important to find out what your insurance states about this matter… but in the event that they state you do not need one of the above…

According to the American Physical Therapy Association –

The physical therapist must have practiced physical therapy on a full time basis for at least 3 years and be 21 years old.

The physical therapist must provide written notification that serves without a referral might not be covered by the patient’s health plan and state that services might be covered by a health plan with a referral. A copy of the written notification must be in the patient’s file.

What you need to know:

Unless you are paying out of your own pocket and not expecting your health insurance to reimburse you – then you should get a referral or prescription – for the simple reason that even though this is law in New York – there is a chance that the health insurance company will not cover it.

Steven Barteck PT