Palladian Health

Provider for Palladian Health

What is Palladian Health?
Most HIP Health plans use Palladian to manage their physical therapy.
That means that all physical therapy is authorized through this company. The first visit does not need to be authorized.

In the event that I have HIP Insurance do I have to get authorized for physical therapy before I visit your office ?
No HIP requires that physical therapy is authorized after the first visit.

Do all plans belonging to the above insurances require Palladian authorizations?
No absolutely not – most of the plans do – but we can tell you if your plan needs this authorization.

As the patient what do I have to do?
There are a number of forms that you as the patient are required to complete – and we will give these to you – the rest we will take care of and then will inform you of how many visits were authorized.

Please call us at (212) 874-2221 or email:
You can also visit Palladian Health.