Pelvic Floor Pain

It is not uncommon to be treating male patients for one diagnosis when they hesitantly complain of pain to their groin, or genital region. More often than not I will be treating for another diagnosis –

Muscle strains around the groin such as adductor and hamstring.
Sacroliliac and Low Back Pain.
Piriformis and Iliopsoas Syndrome such as pain in the gluteal region.

There is certainly a great deal of stress and anxiety involved in presenting pelvic floor pain symptoms to ones physician. Fortunately you are not alone and whilst the perception is that this is a problem suffered primarily by women – it most certainly affects many men.

Fortunately many Pelvic Floor Disorders are often related to some of the above musculoskeletal dysfunctions. Few patients come to me describing the pelvic floor pain. It is difficult to tell your doctor that a testicle is in pain or you have pain during sex – instead the patient often describes the musculoskeletal disorder.

Pelvic floor dysfunction can be effectively treated incorporating a detailed stretching program and a strengthening program that focuses on core muscles. You would be provided with an exercise program as well as a self massage program that you can do at home. Treatment will address your posture, your workout routine, your ergonomic efficiency and manual therapies such as strain counter strain, and muscle energy will be used to not only stretch and release muscles but also to manage the stress associated pain.