Physical therapy does work for tennis elbow

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I came accross this article:
Physical therapy does work for tennis elbow – also known as lateral epicondylitis– yes it does not always work in 6 to 8 weeks but eventually it does work – and as ever this becomes an issue with health insurance- the more important issue is these types of problems are overuse and poor technique problems – so unless you correct the form with your exercise, sport, and your workspace in both the home and office: I am afraid to say you would not be using your time…efficiently unless you address these issues – yes some physical therapists tend to focus on the loss of strength issue, but over the years I have not seen good results with this – manual therapy techniques to the elbow involving massage, gentle stretching, ice, Mulligan techniques are all cumulatively extremely effective – not to mention one needs to address shoulder and neck issues – little mentioned is also the effective use of braces at the wrist and elbow – the anatomical variation explains why so many patients who have poor desk set ups and exercise form do not suffer as much, but still the issue has to be resolved by correcting form and technique. A physical therapist who spends the time to analyze all those factors will help resolve the issue. Steven Barteck PT

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