Success Stories


Dear Steven Barteck,
Thank you so much for your physical therapy following my shoulder surgery with Dr. Louis Re. You so perfectly balanced the strengthening process with the caution I needed to take so as not to cause stress or future injury. Both of these things are extremely important to me as I am a performer and very athletic as well. Also, you so clearly answered all of my questions so that I was always clear on what to do and what not to do in-betweeen our sessions.  Thank you so much for all of this — and for being such a delight at those 7 a.m. physical therapy sessions. You always made me laugh — and that is such a wonderful part of the healing process. I feel so fortunate that you were my physical therapist.    Sincerely – G Grace

I’ve been a runner since the sixth grade. Over that time, I’ve had varying degrees of instruction and have generally made it my goal to run long distance at a consistently fast pace. While endurance was never an issue, I failed to consider the extraordinary impact that running has on the body and did not stretch or cross-train. I injured myself badly for the first time in June to the extent that it was painful and difficult even to walk for the first few weeks after the injury. Physical therapy was great not just because it has truly helped me recover but also because it taught me how to run. When I say I’ve been taught how to run, what I mean is that I’ve had instruction in the mechanics of how the body reacts to the motions and forces inherent in running. Through the course of my recovery, I have focused on making sure I land just below the balls of my feet and achieve a cadence of 180 beats per minute. While it’s difficult to maintain and hard to get used to, I already feel nimbler and more consistently fast than ever before. I am still working back to the level of distance I was used to prior to my injury, but I am exceedingly confident that with the help of my new running form, I will emerge faster and ready to do more miles than ever before.  JL.

I recently underwent major surgery on my femur and was forced to be off my feet for seven weeks. I knew that with my knee immobilized for so long my recovery was going to be slow and painful. I began my physical therapy with Steven Barteck and immediately realized that he was going to be my partner in this recovery. He is a skilled and intelligent therapist with a remarkably positive attitude. His approach is diligent, hands-on and encouraging. He is the primary reason that I have been able to get back on my feet so quickly. DM

I had my ACL and Meniscus repaired in mid-December last year and my doctor advised me to start physical therapy the week following the surgery. I chose Oshman and Barteck Physical Therapy because of convenience to my home and also the great feedback I’d found on Steven Barteck and his staff. Needless to say, I attended the sessions for the amount of time that my doctor prescribed (2.5 months) and I feel great.
‘Thank you to Steven and his professional staff. Your therapy made a vast difference in my ability to resume my normal and active lifestyle without pain. I have sincere appreciation for the wonderful service that you offer your patients and I hope that your other patients feel the same.’ – AT

After a bad experience at a cookie-cutter physical therapy chain, a friend recommended Steven Barteck. My frozen shoulder was so immobilized that I could not brush my hair or slip into a jacket without painful contortions. Steven — who is both personable and professional — designed a program of hands-on therapy and home exercises that completely restored my flexibility and strength. The day I reached up to change my smoke detector battery, I felt more triumphant than if I had climbed Mt. Everest! Steven is a gifted healer. Marlene E

It can be quite daunting to choose a physical therapist in New York, and I am writing this review in hopes of helping those faced with choosing a PT out of the multitude of available practitioners in the city. I was in this exact position in August, when I was diagnosed with bursitis in my knees, IT band syndrome and plantar fasciitis. I am so happy that I chose Oshman & Barteck. Steven Barteck is a true professional, and I cannot overstate how knowledgeable he is about the field of physical therapy. I was always impressed by his skills, expertise and sincere commitment to helping his patients. Unlike many other physical therapists, Steven gives you his full attention during every session – there is no ‘group therapy’ here. Moreover, he expresses a level of patience that is hard to find in today’s medical professional community. With Steven’s help, I recovered fully and have the tools to make sure I stay healthy and on my feet. I recommend Oshman & Barteck without hesitation to anyone in need of a top-notch physical therapy practice in New York. Natasha

The phrase “you are in good hands” applies to Steven Barteck’s physical therapy practice as well. From evaluation, course of action to personalized treatment, Steven Barteck provides hands on care throughout the healing process – in my case, a painful right hand, arm and shoulder. After asking about my profession and daily routine, he saw that incorrect computer use was part of the problem. After studying photos of me at the computer, he recommended improvements, even a new desk chair, and later an arm brace. He also provided me three daily excercises to do on my own. At the start of each new session, he asked how I felt and tailored the physical therapy session accordingly. What sets Steven’s practice apart, I think, is the quality attention and time he spends with patients. Elaine

Early this year I was in agony with two slipped disks. My doctor recommended physical therapy and if that did not work and operation would be the next step. I started physical therapy at Oshman & Barteck and was treated by Steven Barteck. Intitially twice a week and now with far longer intervals. I have had a gradual recovery and have recently been able to get back on the tennis courts. I am very happy with his dedication, treatment and encouragement and did not expect to get back my mobility. The office is at an accessible location, staff is nice and appointment times are kept. For upper west siders and other people in need of good physical therapy – this is “the” place to go! Al D